Gene editing.

Hey all. I've been trying to do some research on gene editing. I want to get the-odin to learn about it (not sticking and animals) I'm particularly interested in the plant side of gene editing. I also want to be able to understand and see the changes hence the-odin.

One of the things I'm struggling with is how do you verify the results? It obvious with the GFP but what about less obvious?

I would like to edit a gingko seed to allow for faster growth. I found a few articles on tomatoes being edited for early fruiting but you still need to wait to visually see it take effect.

I know I'm jumping between species but in animals you have blood. Could you test blood on animal to verify and is there something similar in plants.

My biology knowledge is very low and I just got some books on it to educate myself on that subject. Again I am not planning on pricking any people or animals just trying to get information.


  • For starters, I would try to make modifications before the full seed develops. If you can, apply the alterations as close to the seed's fertilization as possible. Ginko seeds are real big compared to a plasmid, so you want to get your edits in when there are very few cells. And a tried and true method of verifying results if you don't wanna use GFP is to just observe the phenotype of the organism? It's not the quickest way, but it's not difficult either. You could also estimate the rate of uptake in the seed based on the present altered cells in a germinated sprout.

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