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  • Awesome! Thanks for the good works, @Moonman0922
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    Damn, why is the chipped shirt only in this light colors :( I wear about 98 % Black
    I love to get one or two :)
    Some dark colors would be great, like the other shirts from the store.

    I don't like light colors, because I don't wear a bra - I don't need one.

    shipping to Austria possible ?

  • Sure! I can definitely put up some more in different colors. I'm not.sure on shipping though
  • Sandra if it's not possible through the site I'll grab one and reship to you if need be.
  • Do you guys intend on doing additional designs?
  • Yeah! I'm setting it up on a different website now, much more variety, anything you'd like to see?
  • > @Moonman0922 said:
    > Yeah! I'm setting it up on a different website now, much more variety, anything you'd like to see?

    In my opinion, I think 2 of the 3 are really overtly advertising. I like the vibe of the chipped shirt. It's just odd enough to start a conversation.
    Different strokes though
  • Ok! I'll take that into consideration! I am trying to do merch for the forum specifically, but I don't see why not on some other ones
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    A friend created this for me:


    there is a working design (the very blank one, where you can only see the red chip and the NFC icon) for shirtinator

    I have already two Shirts with it :) I love wearing it in Vienna. Intresting is when I wear this Shirt no one is talking to me, if I have money, cigarettes,... I got ignored <3

    So its better to wait for the new store?

  • Probably, the new site ships to Europe!
  • Great :) thx :)

  • Well, I'm probably preaching to the choir on this but.. do you know where the keep calm and .. thing comes from? It was a massive printing job performed in Britain during wwIi. The point was for if the Nazis won. So, I don't know. I guess I don't understand any other context? I mean, yes. In the US they currently have won. I guess this could be a clever add for the transhumanist party dude? Like, yeah. The Nazis are currently in office. However, isn't he a republican? So, I guess it's like code for, we're a different kind of Nazi?
  • Idk, I'm aware of the original context, but it wasn't only if nazis won, mostly to keep people/the economy calm during the London Bombings. Telling them to be "unflappable". And it really has been co-opted towards motivational quotes in mainstream rather than a statement politically. Just my 2 cents
  • I saw the first Shirt at "forbidden planet" in london with: "Keep calm and don't blink" I saw also Shirts on several Convention - I didn't know who created the text in the first time. I saw this on shirts from several TV Shows, Movies,... (Star Trek, Star Wars,....)

  • New site for shirts! We've mostly moved over to Teespring. Here's a link!

  • I would love if you guys add tank tops.
  • so ordered today a shirt and a sticker :)

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