Investigation of prosthetics and cyborgization phenomenon


My name is Liza and I am a student taking up Sociology. I am currently doing a study that investigates the phenomenon of prosthetics and cyborgization.
Now I’m seeking people who have prosthetics and implant experience in their life. I want to learn more about it. If you have the same experience, answer to my questions, please. And before it, tell me shortly about your situation of prosthetics.

My questions are as follows:

How and why did you decide on prosthetics/implants?

How did your life change after getting prosthetics/implants?

Please describe your day-to-day life as someone with prosthetics/implants? What are your habits and routines? Did these change after your prosthetics/implants? How so?

What have been made possible by your prostethics/implants? Were limitations also created? If so, what what are they?

What are the typical reactions of people (such as family, friends, strangers) after seeing your prosthetics/implants?

Did you feel feel different after your prostethics/implants?

Did your relation with yourself or with other people change? If so, how did it change?

Should people voluntarily get prostethics/implants? (prosthetics without medical necessity; example: the replacement of health organs, implantation of chips to augment capabilities)

I will be so grateful for your answers! I really need it for my science interests and investigation!

P.S. to contact also: [email protected]

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