planning to make small batch of Pet coated magnets to sell

im planning to make a small batch of Pet coated magnets to sell,

for start the batch will be small, im thinking of making about 5-30 magnets max depending on how many people would be interested in buying them.

estimated life time is about 30 years if everything goes well.
they are n52 graded, 1.5x3.0mm+thin coating of gold+The main coating of Polyethelene teraphlate.

sensitivity is better according to my previous magnet impants, smm parylene and tin and one magnet coated only in gold that i didnt have for that long.

the magnets will be shipped from finland and im willing to ship them anywhere on the planet earth.

last guestion is how much would you be willing to pay per magnet whit this information provided?
keep in mind that these magnets are almost purely hand work and made to last, quality would pretty much be the best you can get atm.


  • How much testing do you plan to do for Quality Assurance? Cyberise still has some sensing magnets, no?
  • Something is weird with cyberise right now. I'm trying to get ahold of Alex. He implied something like this was going to happen.
  • I did a bunch of testing for him and so I'm going to write up the protocols I used. They can be used here. Another person to talk to is dude from thought emporium. I know he did some testing for cyberise at different times too.
  • I've been working for a while on something very similar. Eventually, im going to be releasing a mag with a somewhat similar coating. Not PET but same concept. I'm not dropping this here trying to steal business. Lol. Most people here know what my eventualies actually look like. My point is that as long as there aren't gaps or anything.. PET is great.
  • I'd buy some. I already have a magnet atm, so I'd only want 1 or 2 personally for when this one fails. My body mod guy is also looking for some, but his target audience is more interested in lifting than sensing. How many paperclips can one of these lift with a skin facsimile in between?
  • Just made an account to post on this. I'm new to biohacking and i can't really find a place to buy magnets (uk/eu). I'm just looking at pricing rn how much would magnets normally go for because i have no reference to compare to say how much i would pay for these.

  • I'm definitely interested. Have a silicone magnet now. Really wanting a better coated one. Was hoping to get a sence 52 but cant right now.
  • im really busy at the time but im preparing to start making a bach consisting 10 of these magnets.
    im offering to sell these for 50-70 euros a piece, so how does that sound to all you that are interested in buying? let me know how that sounds like so i can think of the final price.
  • @Satur9 i dont have any paper clips right now but the implant can lift a five cent coin easily, aaa battery is almost.
    ive had this implant for almost 3 weeks and the sensivity is great, i can feel if fuse has current flowing in a breaker box and the lowest current that i can feel is two amperes at 230volts in a cord, so it really is sensitive already and its getting more sensitive every day8)
  • @dieselpwr
    Could they be steam autoclaved ~130°C without deformation of the coating?
  • yes tho i havent tried that, making the coating required me to use almost 200c and the pet i used started to soften at temperatures of 160-170c
  • images of the second magnet i just made.
    open to offers8)
  • Yeah, I'd buy some and test them out. I'll PM you.
  • I'm definitely interested
  • I'm interested

  • everebody interested private message me, im currently figuring and sorting out the shipping8)
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