Making "the coil" look better

The coil people who have tragus implants wear to "play" music directly to their implants (from what I've seen online) usually is just an misshapen coil of copper wire with some electronics hanging off of it tucked under your collar, but it can be coated, painted, twisted, etc in all sorts of ways to make it more pleasing to the eye, maybe lay it flat against the lower neck like an usekh collar? I don't know if it'll work but maybe have it as a choker? My point is there are a lot of ways out there to change how it looks(some of them and mine are probably kind of dumb but hey, that's just the idea process) and I think these can look a lot like an inconspicuous article of clothing by hiding it under fabric (like with the choker idea or in a scarf) or something bold and different if you wish, and not like some random electronics they wouldn't let you on an airplane with.
Im a firm believer that obviously utilitarianism is key when it comes to making sure shit actually works, but when that has all been proven and tested, then I think that is when aesthetics should come into play. I have a few designs in my head for how "the coil" (there has to be a better name to call that) can be improved in the looks department but i want to know if you all have any ideas yourselves for this, and maybe for other things as well.
This is probably a pretty haughty piece considering how old my account is and someone has probably thought of this before (if so I have thoroughly embarrassed myself) but I just wanted to put my thoughts about this down.
(Keep in mind this is all just personal opinion, if you like how it looks then dont let me step on your toes)


  • Here is an example of one way I think it could look that appeals to my personal sense of style (which i know tends to vary wildly from the norm) along with two ways to wear it that immediately came to mind: unbent and a more wrap around the clavicle kind of thing. Thus is essentially a flexible cylinder with a dog-tag-like bluetooth receiver which lets you wirelessley play stuff from your phone.
    I'm just now realizing I didnt include a battery
  • This is an examaple usekh by the way, for those of you who dont want to google it, the colors and things used to decorate it vary but this is the general shape they all have, and if you put the coil whete the outer rings are it will be completely hidden by normal clothing, though you could also just put the coil *under* an actual usekh or other neckwear
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