First Payment Implant (German Banks Only)

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So, yeah, it's already here! First Payment Implant!

Only German Banks Supported


  • I saw that. I'm under the impression that the chip inside is provisioned just like a prepaid credit card, which means the card issuer could invalidate it at any time or it will expire after a few years. I haven't seen any evidence that you can tokenize the implant with "temporary" purchasing credentials, which would somewhat future-proof it.

    If you get one please share your experience. I'm excited to see how this works out.
  • I really want to get it but first, i have to open a german bank account ( i don't live in Germany)

    Some things that i don't understand from the description and if there are German speakers here, please help me understand what this is all about.

    What does shelf life means and durability?

    In the description it says (google translate):

    "The implant itself has a shelf life of 4 years or more."

    And there is also a option translated as "durability" with 2 options:

    - 2 years
    - 4.5 years

    Does it expire like a debit card?

    Thanks !
  • Yes, it expires.

    You can't open a german bank account, if you are not a resisdent of Germany.

    Where did you read: shelf life and durability?

    I'm from Austria and I'm still waiting for payment implants from "Dangerous Things"

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    Hey Sandra, thanks for your reply!

    When you go to implant customization, there are 4 things there you can choose and the last one is "HALTBARKEIT" (translated by google as durability) right after led 1 and led 2

    Then there is the description in red where it says "Das Implantat selbst hat eine Haltbarkeit von 4 Jahren oder mehr" which is translated by google as "The implant itself has a shelf life of 4 years or more. "

    So i thought maybe the word "HALTBARKEIT" is translated wrong and it must have something to do with expiration date or smth.

    As a EU citizen, i can open a bank account in any EU countries without having to be a resident of the countries i wanna open account.I've spoken with Deutsche Bank and they confirmed this but i gotta travel to Germany to sign the papers.

    The thing is, implant is small and it has a fair price but if it expires... Not sure what to do...
  • This is strange - what I heard this isn't possible. I have a friend who is working at a bank ( a local one in Germany) He said it that you can't open an account.

    I heard it also in a german facebook group from people who moved from Germany to Sweden - that it takes time ... and then you can open an bank account.

    Where are you from? Do your bank offer micropayment cards?

    At the moment it is out of stock, but maybe you can write Amal about this:

  • I'm from Romania, yes, banks here offer micropayment cards.Payment conversion look more like a Frankenstein lol.

    Guess i'll stick with the bracelet i'm using for payment until i decide what to do. Thank you for your help!
  • I saw one converted payment implant from Amal.

    How big are your micro payment cards? Maybe you can send Amal some pictures. The cards in Austria are a bit bigger (3 cm * 2,5 cm)

  • It's 2.5 x 1 cm
  • Great size :) Try to contact Amal

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