Wearable HUD (and/or other Wearables)

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I'm a bit new here, new to the grinder scene over all, and well, not horribly versed in what's possible/achievable. Being new and slightly adverse to implants, I'm more focused on wearables. What do we have available for setting up a real-life HUD, even if just basic (ie: directional reading, time, etc)? Again, not too knowledgeable, but I can't see it as being too hard to develop a non-clunky, functional HUD by modifying some glasses.

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  • Just for fun I tried to search amazon for HUD glasses. There's quite some choice. Glasses with HUD integrated are pretty dense packed circuit boards with constraints on size, volume, weight and power demand/availability. It'd be pretty hard to build non-clunky Glasses with HUD integrated from an DIY perspective.

  • Yeah, I think it would be pretty hard to make a DIY one that matched the small form factor and capabilities of pre-existing commercially available ones. And would probably cost you enough to make that you'd be better off just buying one anyway.

    Of course though, your skill set also factors into things here. Are you good at electronics/electrical engineering? Because if you're not then you also will have a ton of learning and research to do before you can even really start on the project as HUDs aren't exactly the simplest things to build out there. If your heart isn't completely set on making an HUD then there are plenty of other wearables you could make that would much simpler and easier.

  • So, preface: I'm not skilled in electronics, or really anything of use for this kinda stuff. Looking into Amazon, pretty much everything that I see is extremely developed and as a result pricey. My ideal goal would be something within the 100$ range, and as I said, I don't imagine it being good, maybe just only showing direction. Sorry, I also neglected a good rule to research before I asked. I'm very much open to ideas, or giving input to ideas.

  • As everyone up to this point has said, unless you happen to have equipment to manufacture your own circuit boards, you're not going to make something that's not clunky.

    Here's a link to an instructable that might get you started on the right path: https://instructables.com/id/Arduino-Data-Glasses-for-My-Multimeter/

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