Photo Project on Bioengineering and Cyborgism

Hi everybody!

I'm planning to do a photo project on bioengineering (currently I'm studying photojournalism and documentary photography). For this I'm still searching for protagonists !

I'm fascinated by the technological expansion of the body and see a lot of potential in it.
I think it really is important to draw public attention on topics such as biohacking and cyborgism.
It is particularly important to me that public awareness of the issues is created, so that large corporations are not able to take advantage of this by blocking and privatizing certain technologies.

I live in Hanover, Germany.

But if you're interested contact me anyways, no matter if you live in germany or not!



  • I live in Austria (near of Vienna)

    I have at the moment 14 RFIDs implanted (3 of them are the xLED) and 1 Magnet

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