What do you think about the computational design of proteins as targeting drugs against cancer?


  • The way you phrased this is better suited for an in-person conversation. It's very hard to answer such open-ended questions in a helpful way online. Regardless there's a huge amount of potential to create proteins never seen in nature before, using a combination of genetic engineering and computational design.

  • Are we talking proteins that kill cancer cells? Or serve as markers for the immune system to kill cancer? If you're talking about the second, we already do something like that with CART-cell treatments. They engineer an antibody on a patient's T-Cells using computer analyzed sites on the surface of the cancer cells and configure the T-cells to attack the cancer.

    If you're talking about making a protein that attacks cancer, I don't think our technology is advanced enough to come up with something that would work. Not enough computing power

  • I think my question was poorly written. What I mean, is what do you think about the possible solutions that computational protein design could bring to design new antitumoral proteins, with high immunomodulatory activity? One example of high immunomodulatory proteins is the FIP-bbo from botryobasidum botryosum.
    By the way, what an awesome photo. It brings me good old memories from Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

  • There are many peptides that have been developed for targeting tumors. The peptides are precisely assembled amino acid chain as I understand it.
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