Ultimate upgrade kit advice

Hello all!
Since my first mod in 2016, which was a magnet I implanted myself, is still going strong, I recently purchased the ultimate upgrade kit, with the vivokey spark, the NExT implant, and the XLeD implant, all coming with their respective injectors.

My question is, to anyone who has done their own installs of these types of implants, do you have any advice or tips on the procedure? Anything you would have done differently , and generally how easy the process was.


  • I went do a piercing / bodymod studio. I would never do it by myself. About two weeks ago, I got the NEXT and 3 xLEDs installed by "CALM" in Stockholm. I was there on holiday.

  • People do them themselves all the time. There are a few points though where it helps to have a helping hand.
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