Grinder Book Club!

Grinder Book Club!

We're going to be reading one book per month and discussing it on Discord. Reaction posting encouraged throughout the month, and we'll have a once-monthly voice chat.

First Meeting: Wed Oct 30, 2019 on Discord
Contact cyberlass to get into Book Club.

First Book Better Than Well: American Medicine Meets the American Dream by Carl Elliott

Why do Americans think the way they do about medicine, prosthesis, cognitive enhancement, cosmetics, hormone and gene therapies, and what it means to live well and be a good person?

Carl Elliott is an MD and PhD, Professor in both Bioethics and Philosophy. His books are accessible for both professionals and non-specialists. A fierce critic of shady research methods, mistreatment of patients, and pharma influence in medicine, Elliott does the vital work of helping us to understand the many complicated forces at work shaping our attitudes toward mechanical and chemical interventions.

First rule of Book Club: Tell everyone about it.

Second rule of Book Club: Read the book. (Listening to the unabridged version is ok too)

Third rule of Book Club: Meet once a month to talk about the book. (We'll post juicy tidbits during the month too -- we're all fluent in snark and animated interest so all thoughts welcome).

Also hassle your friends to join, the more the merrier!


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