Sense52 question
Does anyone have any experience with these I have been looking around a lot and so far I am leaning g towards this one for my first implant in my left ring finger. I like the size, coating and strength. Would like to hear a more experienced opinion though. Thank you.


  • Quite a few people on here have gotten sense52 magnets. I don't know what their milage has been, but I haven't heard many complaints after installation.

    I was going to get one, but I learned that there was some issues with poor adhesion between the PMMA layers so the coating can become kinda flaky over time. I've also seen reports that the packaging can leak during shipping and leave the magnet dry in the vial, potentially bouncing around. Alex may have resolved all of this by now. If so, I apologize for raising concerns over nothing.

    You might want to have some chlorhexidine or other sterilizing liquid on hand to treat the magnet before implantation, considering you can't autoclave it.
  • Can I ask where you heard about "flaking?" It's something I was discussing someone.. adhesion between layers is important but I've never seen it actually occur. Ever.

    In terms of fluid leaking, yeah. They're shipped in a different vial type in sterile fluid at this time and there's no issues with leaking.

  • @Cassox

    That's my bad, I didn't intend to spread misinformation. I can't edit my previous post, but if that's been your experience then my concerns are alleviated.

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    I saw on there sight that the magnets come with a lifetime warranty. With that in mind I will be going with them. For my sensing magnet in my finger. Then the xg3 in my tragus area for the headphone effect. They seem like they would be much easier to place there. Thank you for your input.
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