Grey noise tragus implant

Hey yall, newbie here. Ive been fascinated by the implications of tragus implants (will be ordering some sample sizes of magnets for external tests and some different amp boards, etc. here pretty soon.) I dont know a whole ton about audio or circuits beyond the radio i built when i was nine--and that was years and years ago--but I'm wondering: does anybody have ideas about ways to create a small noise generator chip that i can use for custom-balanced grey noise and plug into the amp to just have as a constant background? I'm not super interested in using my phone or an mp3 cause I'd like for it to be constant (at an extremely low volume).
I'm interested in this as a way to give myself supplemental stimulation to counteract/distract from/damper painful sensory input (I'm autistic). I know grey noise in headphones helps me quite a bit--looking for a more constant and less intrusive way to implement that, when I'm not using the tragus for all the other fun shit I've been considering.


  • Wow. I'm surprised no one jumped on this. I think it has a lot of potential. I meant to get back to this thread.. but... yeah.
    So I'm not an EE guy, but this seems rather straightforward. You could build a circuit to make a solid tone easily. Alternatively, you could use a circuit like the ones they used to put in stuffed animals.. one that samples and then repeats. That way, you could resample when you want to change sounds.
    Honestly, I think you're going the wrong way avoiding the use of a cell phone. If you use a cell phone, you could do far more advanced things. For example, you could use binaural beats. You could have the grey noise alter according to time of day. All kinds of stuff.

  • If you want to do it without a cell phone, you could make a circuit with flash memory and a way of reading said memory and playing it into your implant. Alternatively, a generator circuit.

    In my opinion, a bluetooth-based system would make things easy. Just cannibalize a pair of bluetooth headphones and wire the output to an amplifier circuit. Then you could do anything from gray noise to music to cellphone calls.

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