Cowie Technology Magnets?

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I just got my shipment of 10 magnets in the mail today that I ordered from Amazon.  Basically I'm wondering if anyone recognizes these magnets and what grade they are.  Neither Scientific Strategies nor Cowie Technologies mentions their strength, and Cowie hasn't responded to my emails.  I've got a few days until my RFID implanter arrives, so I figured I'd ask for some feedback on these.  If they are any good, then this might be a decent option for small orders in the United States.


They are 2x7mm PTFE-coated stirring bars, white, and have a small ridge running around their edge from casting.  Anyone see any problems with these?


  • They look suspiciously like the ones I got from BOLA, but that means nothing.  Do they have an Alnico 5 core?
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    That's the thing, I don't know.  I know they're stirrer rods, and that they have a PTFE coating, and were decently cheap.  They pull together lightly, but not too strongly.  I can easily separate them.

    I thought they resembled the other magnets I was going to get, which you also said looked like BOLA magnets.  Every other stirrer rod I've seen that lists its magnet type seems to have a decently strong magnet in there, so I'm not worried too much.  Plus, these things seem pretty strong for their size, a mark in their favor.  I'll let you guys know more when they go in.
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