Is this magnet safe to use?

Is my magnet safe?

I just bought a magnet from, it arrived today. And I opened the package to find the bottle with the magnet empty of saline. Small crystals had formed around the magnet and stuck it to one side of the bottle. I assume the crystals to be Sodium Chloride. This really begs my main question. Why do they send them in saline in the first place? I just assumed it was a way of proving the magnet was well coated. If thats all then I can do that myself, I can get some sterile saline and do it myself. What I am really wondering is if the Polymethylmethacrylate coating needs to be in the saline to prevent cracking or something like that. I will attach a photo of what the bottle is meant to look like as shown on there website. Also a few of the magnet I received. They have an incredible warranty policy, so I'm not worried if it needs to be replaced.

Thanks for reading my whole ordeal. I would absolutely love any information you may have on this. If you don't know much about these coatings but know someone who does, tagging them in the comments would be a huge help.

Thank you.


  • Interesting. Yeah. They're shipping in a different bottle now. Apparently, the big changes in temp and pressure are more fucked up then anticipated. Anyhow, you can buy saline at any pharmacy and refill the bottle. The saline is there for a few reasons. The primary reason being related to how they are sterilized. If you refill the bottle with saline it should be fine. Alternatively, hit me up via pm and I'll send you out one in the newer packaging in exchange for the other one.
  • @Cassox Thanks heaps for replying! And also for offering to swap for another one. I have saline on hand so I'll probably just use that and then clean it with isopropanol alcohol before implanting. Glad to know the coating doesn't need to be kept in saline. That was my main concern.

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