Curing Allergies

Any ideas or thoughts on how to do this besides immunotherapy.


  • Are you just interested in where the technology is right now, or did you have a specific allergy in mind that you're looking to overcome? If so, what is it that you're allergic to?
  • I asked myself the opposite question two days ago! I wanted to know if it's possible to make yourself allergic towards an allergen.

  • @Mavis I know that constant exposure to certain substances can cause a person to develop allergies, but other than that I don't know if it would be possible to purposefully develop an allergy to a specific substance, as an allergic reaction is caused by your immune system overreacting to any substance. My question to you though is, why would you want to develop an allergy to something?

  • Actually, you know how people bitch and cry about metals in vaccines? You realize it's a real thing and has a function, yeah? I wonder if the use of an adjuvent during exposure could cause an allergy?
  • How about to treat addiction? Like yeah, I love heroine but if I take it I will die.
  • I read somewhere that they tried to make mice allergic towards something by combining the protein with some toxine but the results were limited to mice, so I thought I'd ask if anyone here had more insight in the processes
    and perhaps because I also have a heroin addiction that I'm trying to solve.

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    Possibly desensitization therapy if your allergy is not severe, where you expose yourself to gradually larger amounts of the allergen, although this is still considered 'immunotherapy.' But this is one you can try at home, although you may want to keep an epipen handy. (If you can't afford an epipen, Four Thieves Vinegar provides instructions to make an 'epipencil,' although I can't personally vouch for the efficacy of it. They also have instructions for at home production of naloxone.)

    Any treatment of allergies is going to be considered immunotherapy because allergies are an immune response.

  • It's interesting that repeated exposure is (supposed to be) effective both to produce and eliminate an allergic reaction (:

  • I'm sure everyone knows about anaphylaxis right? People who are allergic to bees for example.. they don't get harmed with the initial sting. In that circumstance, the body recognizes an antigen or some similar process. It's the second time, when the body mounts a defense where you're fucked.

    Another phenomena of interest is that it works the same with exposure to antigens I'm blood. The more blood transfusions you get.. the harder it is to safely match you. I've seen people where it takes a week to find appropriate blood. Also, if a woman has a miscarriage, you give them a medication which prevents the formation of antibody response. The reason is that you're exchanging blood with the fetus.. if say your type o and the fetus type b... You will form antigens and likely miscarry any future type b child.
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