Headphone piercings with induction loop glasses?

Hey pals

So I've seen a lot of stuff about tragus implants, and I'm thinking about using an induction loop that either goes around my head alongside my glasses (might even try using my metal frame as part of the antenna) or simply making loops that go around my ear
It would be bluetooth and go around my ears

I'm also wondering if gluing magnets to the back of piercings instead of implanting would work as it would be an odd position to implant myself, none of my friends will do it, and I can't afford to pay professional to do it.


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    I'm in the same mindset as you are, trying to find another way to position the solenoid. One big solenoid is just not the most efficient way to create magnetic fields for this purpose. You would have to use much MORE wire to produce the same strength magnetic field as a smaller solenoid with more loops.

    Going around your ear is possible and should in theory be more power efficient, but might look... interesting. You'd essentially be wearing bracelets OVER your ears. You could make earrings out of them, I think. They'd be hoops, so I don't know how comfortable you are wearing those haha. The more I look into it, it seems like the only feasible, not eye-catching (the reason I'm getting them in the first place requires them to not be obvious) way to wear a solenoid strong enough to interact with the magnetic fields of the magnet is around the neck.

    I think, if you wanted to investigate putting the solenoid(s) on your glasses, I'd look into positioning if I were you. The only actual thing that makes positioning them on your glasses difficult is that they'd have to be small, so you'd probably need two (one on each side), so I'd look into investigating where you can put them on your glasses (like behind the ears), how to wire them to the amp board, where you'd put the amp board, where you'd put the battery to power them, etc. If it is Bluetooth, that saves some trouble having to worry about them connecting it to your phone.

    I'd probably wear the amp board + battery in some sort of necklace, then find a way to connect the necklace to the solenoids in the glasses. THAT would be the hard part I think, getting the wires to not get in the way of things.

    The real problem isn't the solenoids, it's wiring things.

  • Ok, this is my idea
    So you couldn't put the driver anywhere on the ear cartilage, so I think it would go on the inside of the Tragus. A1 sound quality

    super sketchy implanted wire to behind the ear. A coil back there to recieve power and possibly data. Glasses have battery and other side of the coil. the coil on the glasses could be loose and magnetized to the coil so they do not loose contact

    Maybe just put the coil above the ear too

    Really farfetched idea still though

  • Okay so what I'm seeing is that the amp chip is behind the ear, as well as the solenoid. I think you're underselling the size of amp chips at the moment, but that is a small hurdle. The solenoid would have to be really small, so I imagine you might have some trouble creating enough loops without making it too big. Since it is so close to the magnet, it doesn't need to have a lot of loops, but still something to keep in mind. Definitely worth testing!

    I'm not keen on the idea of an implanted wire, it doesn't seem to provide any benefit over an external wire just going around the ear rather than through it. Especially if it is connected to the glasses. I'd love to hear your ideas on how you'd house the battery in the glasses. I'd just look into making sure you can build a strong enough, but also small enough, solenoid that it fits behind the ear but still creates an adequate sized magnetic field. Again, definitely worth experimenting.

    The feasibility of this should be discussed though. Based on your design, everything would be affixed to your glasses. The battery, the solenoids, the amplifier chip(s). First, I haven't seen any amplifier chips I would recommend for this use since they're all bigger than what I would recommend. Second, you still have to connect the amp chip to an audio source. A female audio jack would be required. But if you used a female audio jack, you'd then have connect it via an aux cord to your phone or whatever device you wanted to use, which would be more wires to worry about getting in your way.

    What I would do is find an amp chip with a female audio jack, then get bluetooth male audio jacks (like, the packs of two male audio jacks that connect to each other). Plug one into your phone, one into the chip, and you should be good to go. I'm not sure if the magnetic fields created by the solenoids would interfere with the bluetooth devices though.


  • Need to sleep, not going to be able to address this fully. Important note, though:
    Magnetic fields do not have a substantive affect on Bluetooth or WiFi communication.
  • I would certainly use bluetooth to connect the glasses exclusively. You can fit a lot in the frame and arms of a glasses. My main idea would be around the hinge, but I'm not really sure. The issue I see is getting something to be on or in the ear that gets electricity and plays audio. Im very sure that transdermal wiring is not possible right now. I guess you could just pierce the tragus with a speaker and connect it with a tiny interface, maybe a magnet. At that point most of it is a full on electronics product.
    Perhaps a low power close range wireless transmission could go to the earphone like those TV headphones.
    it starts to seem less convenient than individual wireless earphones.

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