Human Augmentation Code of Ethics


We have been discussing a Code of Ethics for some time. After input from the interested people in the community there is now a draft -- and it needs your attention!

Ryan O'Shea was kind enough to get the domain and hosting going, so please go to where you can read about what's going on and give us feedback on the draft of our community's Code of Ethics. We want your feedback, comments and concerns!


  • reposted from where I put it in the codes of conduct vs here at code of ethics. My apologies. So many shiny new rule sets.

    What are the methods for self policing? Will we start banning people who start with "so i don't have lido so I'm using ice..." and does that violate being inclusive? What if that person just needs their head screwed on and a little help. And how many times will that occur before we say enough is enough read this thread and please fuck off.

    Are we violating body autonomy by having a safety rule? Only if we enforce it, but it doesn't seem like there is a system for that, so it's all just fluff.

    And what is the real world version of that?

    I went on stage and handed Traywick saline instead of what he lied about, because I knew that the project was incomplete and untested and he lied to me about what he was going to do until 30 minutes before the presentation. And I knew that no one else on that stage was going to say or do anything. Some of them continued to work with him even after I burnt him down, because money and their attachment to personal projects clouded their judgment.

    You know some of these people. Some of them have even continued to violate safety practice. One of them almost died a few months ago but is still getting lots of funding for their lies.

    Are we ready as a community to cut out people because they take dirty money, or test things on themselves before getting results from a second party? Because almost nobody here does second party verification. Hell, I didn't used to either. Then I got older and moved on.

    The entire community is based off of extreme independence. There's a lot of positive feedback here and I think that's great, but if this all just legitimacy signally, why bother?

    What's the purpose of a set of guidelines that can't be enforced in a community opposed to hierarchy but also has an unspoken caste system?

  • @glims You are asking questions that the human augmentation community needs to think about, discuss and make decisions about. Just to clarify for everyone, the code of conduct was put on the website to explicitly state that no discrimination or harassment will be tolerated on the forums. That is separate from the Human Augmentation Code of Ethics, which is meant to be a community-wide agreed upon set of principles that inform individual and collective decision making. They are the broad concepts and definitions that cover what most in the community should already consider to be ethical grinding -- such as body autonomy, informed consent, safety. The Code of Ethics will be housed on the Human Augmentation Institute website. This is also where guides, examples, and resources will be available to help grinders put the code into everyday practice. In addition to deciding on the first published version of the Code of Ethics, we all will have to determine the mechanisms for feedback, changes and enforcement. That conversation would start after this first draft has enough feedback and approval to show that it is an initiative that the community wants. To that end we are collecting the feedback online and in-person from as many people in the human augmentation community as possible. I think it would be good to also translate the Code of Ethics into several languages to be sure we are reaching as many as possible. If that seems valuable to everyone else as well we might start by reaching out to groups in various countries to see if they feel there is a need for the translations and see what resources we might come up with.
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