Thoughts on "liquid magnet" implants?

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I came across this article today and was immediately interested in the possibility it could provide for implants. My thought was if we could encapsulate this liquid magnet material it would be possible to create a small sensing magnet. What I found most interesting was its ability to be re-magnetized which would help with the problem of magnets becoming less effective over time. What are all your thoughts on this?

EDIT: Much better article on the topic.


  • Not viable forever (robot hands will probably come before it is a good idea) because a liquid would simply be worse.
    1.They currently have magnetized iron magnets not neodymium. Considering even medium-high grade rare earth (neodymium) magnets are not magnetic enough, steel like the tip of a screwdriver won't be.
    2. there isn't really a benefit for liquid imo. solid magnets can hold an effective shape and will not get into the bloodstream or flow around in any other way. Because of surface tension, it would likely be a ball magnet unless you constantly press it against the skin.
    3. It would be much harder to cover. Instead of coating something you essentially have to make a little bottle for it. Again, if it breaks you cannot just pull the shards out.
    4. Re-magnetizing is not impossible, we just do not know how to do it. Replacing the magnet every 2-5 years isn't such a burden.
    5. It would be expensive AF

    just my 2¢ in debt

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