Subdermal incisions for magnet implants

Hey everybody, I have bought my magnet and all the requirements for a safe and sterile procedure but have a question about making the subdermal incision. I've watched the video that was posted for magnetic implants but it doesn't really cover how deep the incision has to be before you start to make the pocket for the magnet. I was wondering if anyone would have any tips on making the right incision depth so I can do this right the first time. Thanks



  • I've only been able to eyeball it; you want it to be deep enough where it isn't going to reject but not deep enough where it isn't in contact with the neuron-dense subcutaneous tissue. The pocket depth should be around the lower layers of the subcutaneous tissue, but above the adipose layer. The actual depth depends on where the tissue is. A good rule of thumb I heard is that the pocket should be just deep enough where the scalpel is barely visible below the skin. IMO, the depth is something that you learn in time and experience.

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