2019-2020 Community Projects - We need you!

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During Grindfest 05 we talked about how the community needs to grow certain skills and start having conversations about key issues like money and communications.

Communications - journal: Group will look at what journals are out there and then outline what is needed to start our own. We have several people interested in helping. This would be for a academic/organization articles. Peer-review/rigor will be applied.

Communications - zines: Group will look outline what is needed to start our own. Zine is where the informal write-ups, artistic and misc content can go.

Communications - projects page: Group will help put up a projects area on the website so biohack.me folk have a space to blog/document work

Communications - stickers/patches: Group will help design and produce stickers and patches etc for community

Community & Money: Group will look at the non-profit options for the community. Will outline different ways the community as whole can handle money. Will facilitate conversation next year about if/how we should deal with money.

Project Managers: Group will be operations that helps other projects stay on track

If interested please sign up: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ceMgcDad3BwEJASK1BWF6ks9sAD3Ux4IjPp2511UueY/edit#gid=0



  • Wasn't able to make it to Grind fest this year but I'm very interested in helping out how I can, added to the sheet!
  • Would the zines be online or printed?
  • @haruspex Thanks!

    @moonma0922 That's one of the things the Zine group will decide, it sounded like doing both might have merit.

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