Tips for installing flexible implant

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Hi all,

I've been lurking here for a few years. Bit of background I have 2 RFID tags in my hands, they were both self-installs (an xNT from Dangerous Things and a Vivokey Spark). Had the xNT for 5 years and the Spark for a 6 months.

I have a Vivokey Flex One sat in my drawer and I'm almost ready to install it, being based in the UK it's nigh on impossible to find someone willing to install. I have a friend who worked in a hospital for a few years who's willing to assist and help with sourcing of materials.

I'm going to be following the 5mm needle procedure, this will be my first install that isn't using an injector assembly so I have a few concerns;

  • How can I be sure to miss any arteries or veins in my forearm?
  • Pain relief will I need any for this? (I have a fairly high pain tolerance and have not used any in the past)
  • Has anyone used dermabond for closing the wound, and would this hold any benefit over using derma strips or butterfly bandages?

Obviously I want to follow this to the book as I don't have a medical background at all, I'm also aware of all the risks involved.

If anyone else has any other tips of recommendations when installing a flex implant themselves that would be helpful.


  • One super important thing.. never touch the flex with your tools. It's easy to destroy the coating.
  • Contact: Kai from they are in the UK and have partners.
    Last year I got the flexDF and the xBT installed from them. Great work.

    I got my "Vivokey Flex One" installed in Germany. ( I'm from Austria and I must travel to other countrys to get bodymods.

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