ear magnet implants

from everything I've heard the fingers and the ear are the best places to get a magnet implant, but I haven't found any information on magnets in the ear. could anybody fill me in on ear magnets vs finger magnets?


  • with ear magnets you can hear the magnetic fields but in your finger you can feel it. So i think it depents on what you want to do with it.

  • The ear magnets are usually implanted in an area of your ear called the tragus. People with this implant will run an amplified audio signal through an inductive loop around their neck (looks like a copper necklace). The audio running through the loop creates a fluctuating magnetic field that vibrates the magnets in time with the music. I've heard it works pretty well, if you can create strong enough amplification. I've never tried it myself. A biohacker that received a bunch of media attention for doing this was named Rich Lee.

    Here's an archived post where they talk about it:
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