Looking forward to a triple microchip implant.

So following Memorial Day and holiday pay, I ordered 3 new chips from DT. Ended up getting the NeXT dual high and low freq. RFID, a vivokey spark, and a xBT biothermo chip.

Going to place the xBT on the inside of my left bicep (similar to birth control implant placement). The vivokey spark will be my first chip in the conventional thumb/index webbing location, while the NeXT will be placed on the knife edge of my hand.

Looking forward to receiving them as I was fortunate enough to find a local piercer who was willing to assist me with the install. Been far too long.

Will post updates.


  • I have the xBT in the same position.
    I'm just thinking placing the NeXT between the pimkie and the ringfinger (left hand) I have the SIID from dsrupive in the right hand on this position) I have the spark in the left hand between the thumb and the indexfinger.

    Finding a piercer is always a bit difficult, I must travel to Germany.

    can'T wait to read the updates :)

  • @Sandra Nice! I have to say I am jealous of your collection.

    I decided to put the NeXT on the blade edge of my left hand since I intend to use it for unlocking my pc, and potentially for entering my house. I also have a few local businesses I frequent that have an NFC based rewards program that I can use it for. The blade edge just makes it more accessible for my needs.

    The spark on the other hand, will mainly just be used with my phone (which is typically in my right hand), so placing it in the webbing of the thumb and index finger of my left hand will work really well.

    I'm trying to save my right hand for a payment implant sometime down the line. I'm sure we'll get there eventually.

    When it comes to placement, I usually try to think of what physical objects an object will be replacing/working with, and how I normally interact with those. Tends to help me settle on placement. I normally hold/swipe/insert/tap a payment card using my right hand, so that's where I'd put an implant with payment capability. When I sit at my desk, my right hand reaches for my mouse, while my left sits to the side before going to the keyboard. Thus, putting rfid readers on the left side of my desk and the NeXT in the blade edge seems like a solid plan.

    The new tags should be being delivered tomorrow, and I'm talking to my piercer to set a date sometime in the next week or two for the installation.

  • Dangerous Things offers also "custom implants" so you can convert a micro bankcard into an implant.

    I have the flexDF in the knife edge of my left hand. I have also the NFC Reader on the left side of my laptop. Maybe you can also put the reader under your desk, so know one can see, what you are doing :)

    Here in Austria, there are no reward cards with NFC :( I hoped that they new customer club will have RFID to ( several shops joined together and make on club to collect points)

  • @Sandra Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a source for a micro bankcard in the USA. Just isn't something available here. So I guess I'm holding out, hoping for a fidesmo/vivokey solution.

    If I were in a more public setting, I might put a reader under my desk, as this is a home office setting, on the top works for me.

    Honestly, I've been having issues finding a usb reader that works with my implants. My android phone reads the xNT just fine, and access readers around town will pick up the xEM, but every single usb reader I have tried so far has failed to pick them up. I'm hoping the NeXT will work better, but I might have to keep trying out different readers.

  • @trybalwolf

    All the NFC readers with keyboard emulation that I've tried have terrible coupling with the helical antennas in the glass tags.

    The ACR122U is the most reliable HF USB reader I've found. There are a huge number of knock-offs out there, so you have to be very discerning about where you purchase it. I just ordered one that looked legitimate on eBay from China and it worked with the genuine ACS drivers. The only problem you'll encounter is that it doesn't support keyboard emulation natively. I haven't personally done it, but this DT post talks about how to set up an ACR122U as a login.


    Easier on PC than Mac.
  • I have this reader from Dangerous Things.


    Works perfect, I can read my implants very easy: X2, xM1+ , flexNT, flexDF, SIID
    I tried also the reader with the xNT from a friend :)

  • @Sandra @Satur9 Thanks for the input. I actually just order the kbr1 a few days ago. Looking forward to getting it in the post.

    Getting the microchips installed tonight. Should be a good time. Only one I think might be difficult will be the one on the blade edge of the hand. Seems like a difficult place to tent the skin. Figure a hemostat or something of the like to hold the skin might not be a bad idea.
  • I got there the flex implant, so we cut the pocket. It was a bit difficulter the in the forearm.

  • @Sandra said:
    I got there the flex implant, so we cut the pocket. It was a bit difficulter the in the forearm.

    Welp. Less than 2 hours until the install. Gotta love that nervous excitement. Didn't realize just how sensitive the underside of the arm is....

    Will update when I can.

  • Installation went really well. Love getting these installed. Will post a more comprehensive update with photos and a video link when I find some time in my busy schedule.

  • @trybalwolf said:
    Installation went really well. Love getting these installed. Will post a more comprehensive update with photos and a video link when I find some time in my busy schedule.

    Pictures would be great. The underside of the arm is a bit sensitive - but you feel a lot more, between the pimkie and the ringfinger.

  • Ok, finally some time to get a post together.

    So I had the three chips installed about 4 days ago now. Such a fun procedure. After cleaning the area with an alcohol pad and chloraprep, we did the installs. Super fast easy process.

    Here are a few photos from the installation, as well as a video.

    Youtube link to installation: https://youtube.com/watch?v=BfBo6gYnjDQ

  • edited June 2019

    It has now been 4 days since the installation, the swelling has calmed down, though there is still some slight bruising. There is no pain to speak of, unless the implants are bumped, in which case they feel like a small mild bruise. I actually just got back from a 24 mile bicycle ride, if that says anything about the speed of the healing process.

    Here are a few photos of the implant sites from 36 hours after the install.

    P.S. I'm terribly sorry about the double post. I attempted to delete the second and add its content to the first post, but sadly that doesn't seem to be an option....

  • Nice pictures and a great Video :) Glad that the installations went great.

  • Glad you appreciated the content! Here's one final video of my PC being unlocked with the NeXT and a 125kHz reader. Unfortunately there's still a little too much swelling for the kbr1 to read it, but my phone will read it.


  • Have you tried to rotate the KBR1 Reader a for the implant, sometimes you need a bit differen position, to get a perfect read

  • @trybalwolf How do you find the accuracy of the xBT readings?

  • @katy said:
    @trybalwolf How do you find the accuracy of the xBT readings?

    Sorry, I actually haven't purchased a reader for it yet so I am unsure how accurate my placement is.

    I'm hoping we see an NFC version soon that could be read by a smartphone.

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