Blood work - brainstorming thread

So I've been doing a lot of work with blood lately. For example, have you ever checked out platelet rich plasma? It's a cool method with lots of potential. Another project is a method for simply labs. For example I got in some hct tubes with which to determine hematocrit. I had someone I did a thing on that I'm pretty sure was anemic. It's good to have a method to determine that. Anyhow, there's a lot of potential projects with blood work.
One cool project would be blood transfusions. I'm sure you've all read about people transfusing the blood from younger people. It's not actually something im willing to do.. it's too close to medicine and there is a lot more to typing and screening than ABO and Rh. So what else?
I just got in some new pets.. medicinal leeches. I've been reading about hirudotherapy and blood letting. Yes, these things are still practiced although it's neither common not appropriate in most circumstanc es. I thought I'd open up a thread to discuss this kind of stuff. Anyone have any ideas?


  • I have actually been doing similar research on my own and will update here later, I just wanted to mention I appreciate the caution you are using in regards to this. I am majoring in premed biochem, so this is precisely the kind of project I am interested in and it´s horrendous how little restraint and caution i´ve seen biohackers use on other forums when approaching similar projects.

  • Oooh. Another cool potential would be "Blood Irradiation Therapy." There's a lot of research on it showing things like a decrease in inflammation due to a decrease in TNF. It's basically a fiberoptic cable placed in a vein like an IV catheter. Apparently it's a widely used modality in Russia. A lot of claims demand skepticism here.. but I think it would be worth exploring.

  • As an example:

    It's not a very thorough study. 9 participants. But the results are awesome. I'm not sure about the purported mechanism.. I mean, a blue laser of low enough amplitude that it could be used this way doesn't break apart glucose. So, it has to be some kind of metabolic enhancement.

    This ones a bit better:

    It had a total of 36 subjects. Still not the strongest study, but fuck.. a significant shift I ldl/hdl ratio?

    And finally...
    295 patients were treated for MI.. Myocardial infart.. heart attack. The results are really promising. That's pretty awesome..

    Oh and the funny part about this.. We were already working on something similar prior to Grindfest and have a prototype already. We just need to look into the wavelength of laser we want to play with.

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