I want to cure my "dyspraxia"

I was born with "dyspraxia" which at a time for a few years really summed my life as I was considered a "special needs/learning disability service user" and no one really took me seriously as become adult. I was still that special needs kid from Backwards School and I was sent off to some special needs group or that special help where practically all I had to do was turn up, they wrote for me I listened. It was utterly humiliating. I just wanted to function like my peers, even when I was compulsory secondary education for three years. (Year 9-11) it was extremely humiliating to my peers that I had to learning support worker with me during every lesson. And at one point, I felt like just walking out and disappearing it made me feel more and disabled and I became a target for bullying, although the girls from class knew I was transferring from a different school and they knew I had problems. I didn't get any phone numbers or email addresses and often spent lunchtime eating in the dining room alone.
This progressed further to when I was a college and doing open university, which I hated because I wanted the social interaction with the learning side of things and also I have never really had proper meaningful friendships that have blossomed, they have been toads, cockroaches and not exactly the greatest of people. The only meaningful I had isn't here anymore and the other "meaningful" friend can be extremely selfish due to his ways and his mental health. I have lots of friends online though.... :)
However, it didn't very well on my mental-wellbeing and i felt it hindered and put me into a group of people where I didn't belong. I didn't want to be labeled as stupid, spastic or backward. (The word they used at the time to describe people with special needs,

However, for a long while, I have wondered whether Dyspraxia is just waste bucket diagnosis or there is more going on and I wondered if i am on the spectrum for autism and ADHD. As those would be more meaningful in terms of accessing drugs and further support. I feel that Dyspraxia is a bit vague at times when there's so much more to the human brain. So a few years after settling down with a glass of wine one evening. I spent a considerable amount of time and dedication in researching nootropics. I knew about nootropics from the film Limitless but I knew very little about how the brain chemistry was affected. I had to dig out my A-level/access course material.

Obviously, I knew that drinking coffee and tea helped to concentrate and focus a little bit but not as much as I wanted to and I felt it was a bit weak in comparison and being tea/coffee drinker anyway and also taking caffeine pills. My own tolerance for caffeine was pretty normal. I could drink 3-5 cups of coffee and sleep normally. I rarely gave me the jitters.

So I started to research further chems/supplements and settled on a few that really helped me over the last few months

Matcha Tea.
Modafinil - obviously I had obtained this from other channels as a prescription is a no go situation in the UK, even though I have spoken to my doctor I feel she just said "your labeled with dyspraxia, end of, there's nothing we can do," So I have obtained through other vendors and gone from there. So far so so good, I have learned the hard way that cannot take it after 11am and also I learned that I need to drink more water with it, which is always positive. I needed drink more water anyway :)



  • Interesting. No one has responded. I think it's due to two things. One being that this isn't medicine. Whenever someone uses terms like cure.. it's hard to work around that expectation. Another thing is that while a lot of people here are nootropics users.. there are other forum with great resources regarding nootropics and no one here really wants to reinvent the wheel.
  • Some sort of body chemistry change(r) seems to help. I know the NHS is garbage, but I would try asking for a Rx muscle drug or stimulant. Im not sure quite how bad it is over there care wise, but you could try literally asking for some drug. From what I understand there is private providers that can actually do something.

    There is ADHD drugs, and you believe that could be half of the ailment, so maybe those drugs could help about half. You have concentration problems and that is what those are made for. It would be cruel for them not letting you at least try em'

    I cannot imagine how you feel day in-day out so it's great you at least found some slight relief.

  • have you tried Bacopa monniera? That and escitalopram helped me regain some cognitive function, years after what I think was a psychotic break - which destroyed my ability to do even basic math.
    Any up dates on how you're getting along?

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