Anyone with successful parylene C coated magnet implants without stiches?

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I'm curious to know if anyone has had success without stitches? If so did you use anything else like liquid bandages or self adhesive stitches? 


  • Superglue!

    Seriously, it's awesome stuff.
  • Just regular hardware store superglue? do you put it into the wound or just around the surface?
  • Yep. I held the wound closed and glued the opening shut. No point getting any inside because you want the inside to heal.
    You end up with a superglue cap over the wound. You might need to maintain it if it starts to break. Take it off after a couple days, once the wound has gummed up and started to heal, otherwise the edges will get weird and necrotic.

    If you have liquid bandages, I guess use that, it seems like a more legitimate version of the same thing.
  • Great thanks! The piercer I've spoken to isn't equipped/trained for stitches but does have some liquid skin stuff. Just want to make sure I'm not setting up for rejection without a stitch.
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    Make sure the glue just contains cyanoacrylate and nothing else.  There are medical grade cyanoacrylates out there, marketed under brand names such as Dermabond, I'm pretty sure it's available OTC.
  • I was wondering about superglue. I've heard it was originally developed to hold skin together. Still seemed a little crazy and risky to me but I'll give it a shot since people have had success with it and I haven't learned how to stitch skin yet.
  • As long as you can get the incision near perfect, keep it bandaged tightly with antibiotic ointment until it's developed a scab and also make sure not to bang it into things then you really just need natural healing. I've had mine for about 6 months now with an incision of roughly 4mm across and all I did was apply pressure until the bleeding subsided then wrapped it up.
  • Just so you know, the injection method is such a small wound it's pointless to stitch it. Superglue is the best for it. The larger wounds from the scalpel is a little more iffy on the superglue
  • I just did an implant last night of a .75mm x 1.0mm parylene coated n50 magnet.  The incision was no larger than about 2mm and closed with regular hardware store superglue.  (I had previously tested this glue on the surface of my skin.)  I then superglued a 1/16 inch x 1/4 inch nickel coated magnet to the skin, positioning it so that it would draw the magnet away from the incision, hoping that will prevent early rejection of the implant.  Then I coated the whole area with liquid skin and covered it with a bandage.  The bandage serves as camouflage so that anyone looking at my finger would assume that I just cut my finger or something.

    There is some soreness around the incision today, but it is much less than I had anticipated.  In fact, it hurt worse last night at bedtime.  If anything significant happens, I'll post it here.

    I'm not sure a magnet this small will produce any significant sensation, but I'll have to wait until the wound has healed to test it out.  Part of biohacking involves testing the limits to see what is too big or too small, right.\?  I don't mind experimenting on myself if it will contribute to the total knowledge base on this subject.  Has anyone else tried implanting a magnet this small?  It's really like implanting a grain of sand.  Once the magnet was in place, I had to use another magnet to verify that it was really there and that I hadn't dropped it somewhere.

  • I just did mine using 3mm diameter x 1mm thickness.  I used a product called dermabond, it's a bit expensive, but worth every penny.  I did the procedure 12 hours ago and you can't even see where the incision was.... that might be because it's all black and blue and covered by a clear coating, but it really closed it right up.
  • I have a couple packs of the stuff around, but I've always used sutures. I always thought it would be prohibitively expensive for most people, but looking it up... it's actually about the same as buying sutures on ebay.
  • My first a tempt to implant on for myself was with superglue. I left the superglue cap on too long though. If you aren't careful, it'll bond with the scab and keep it from healing properly. (It was a 3mm disc though, so sort of a big incision)
  • @Cassox You don't need to resort to eBay for sutures. Amazon has several brands available at good prices.
  • I've done two implants now using dermabond.  They both healed very quickly.  I did one about a month ago and the next two weeks after the first.  For the first one, there is barely a scar and my fingerprint has grown back enough to read as normal on a digital fingerprint reader.  The 2nd one I did is also completely healed, but still shows a little pink skin.  
    In both cases the dermabond came off at about a week and the wound was closed by then.  I kept them bandaged for another week, but only because I work in health care and extra precaution is always helpful since I'll occasionally come into contact with MRSA patients.  
  • Oh yeah. I'd be terrified to get it from some anonymous person. They might have a really sick sense of humor. I was using it as a comparison of cheapest available gear from even unreputable sources.  
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