I'm a doctor. I'm new here in this form.

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Hi, everybody, I'm a doctor working in antibody development. I would like to discuss some problems about biology and medicine, and share my work experience with you.


  • Where are you based
  • Hello cjerry, and welcome to the Biohack community. You'll definitely find a well read group of users on this forum to have interesting conversations with. I find a lot of the members here have a doctorate level understanding, if not graduate level degrees themselves, in a wide range of topics from material science, biology, computer sci, electrical engineering, etc. While I often lurk, I do learn a lot from the various discussions, ethical debates, and ongoing research projects that you'll find here.

    I, myself, am a practicing physician with an MSc in genetics who previously worked in biotech creating monoclonal antibodies, so I have some experience in your field. I am curious to know what problems in medicine and biology you are looking to discuss? And how do you feel your research / work experience can contribute to the community?

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