Best Way To Sterilize Implants

I thought I had lost my Firefly Tattoos in one of the various calamities that happened to my home but I just found them and am pretty happy about it! At first, I was considering just tossing them as they might have gotten soaked in water or been surrounded by sodden roof debris but, in checking on them, they both look pretty good. One was even still completely sealed inside the package and both seem pretty clean.

This made me think that they would still be worth implanting after proper sterilization. They are both in the needle that they came with and one is still in the package (for the moment) and I was just wondering what the best way to try and sterilize them would be?

Using Steam? Soaking them in Chlorhexidine? Both? Would the needles survive that? Or should I just get new needles anyways? Or should I just toss everything as doing otherwise would be too risky? Either way, I would like to hear opinions on the subject as well as on sterilization for implants and procedures in general, if anybody wants to make the thread about more than just my problem.


  • If I remember correctly, the injectors will survive a run through an autoclave. It will dull the edge but what's a little discomfort?
  • I'm going to start another thread regarding this.

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