Trying to sort out my idea around this funding model for independent R&D

I've come up with a "smart contract" (blockchain meme) that works in a very curious way that I believe could help fund and govern independent research and development.
I want to brainstorm applications. Perhaps demo exactly what the smart contract does and then open up a discussion about how to leverage its properties.

Without trying to get into too much detail, the contract can receive funds in exchange for bonds. The buy and sell of these bonds is taxed. Part of that tax goes back to paying shareholders, but the other part goes into a pool. Participants within he smart contract can vote on where the pool money goes.

Traditionally, in the study of economics, voting power can be "bought out". This contract has very interesting mechanisms to enforce the distribution of the token supply & therefore delivering equally distributed voting power to participants.

With that voting power, organizations can know "what the people want". The people will vote on the direction the organization can take. What projects they will work on. They can allocation research resources.

Does this strike anyone's interest?

This idea, of course talks about money, and I don't want to sound like scammer. I just want to introduce the idea & make sure I'm checking all my bases before I implement this with my own makerspace group & projects. I can create a test environment on testnet so that people can see how this works.

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