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The sense52 by is a fairly new product although it hasn't gained the traction on this forum I thought it would
considering it seems like the only other magnet other than the Haworth magnet that is designed to be implanted (as far as I'm aware). I decided to share my own experience due to my success and failure with other magnets.

How I implanted it:
1. The fluid in the ample the magnet was shipped in had evaporated, so I had to re-sterilize the magnet in 100% isopropyl.
2. I placed a clean 100ml beaker (never used before) filled with isopropyl in the freezer overnight.
3. Sprayed isopropyl all over my table and gloves for a somewhat clean environment.
4. Wrapped a hair tie around my left pinky finger (implant location, my ring finger has too much scar tissue) until it was tight enough to act as a tourniquet.
5. Squeezed my finger until it was basically white (this moves most of the blood out of the finger, one time I tried this without squeezing and it was black bloody mess. Lesson learnt).
6. The cold isopropyl is used to numb the finger. I let it sit in the alcohol until I had no sensation.
7. Using a sterilized scalpel, I made a sub-dermal incision on the right side of the finger. I made sure to use the blade to create a pocket for the magnet.
8. Using my hands (with gloves), I gently pushed the magnet into the slot. This was actually a lot harder than I thought it'd be, seems like the PMMA coating really thickens the magnet.
9. I simply wrapped a band-aid around my pinky and cut off the tourniquet. I have used superglue in the past but didn't have much success. It's a little hard to seal the wound closed rather than open.

Note: This is by no means a guide. Please do not feel inspired to follow in my footsteps just because it worked. I have no qualification (after all, I'm still in high school) and this process is something that came about through trial and error (with my past magnets).

My experience:
The magnet healed insanely quickly. Like I'm usually pretty cautious about using my magnet prematurely and a lot of guides will say "Let the magnet heal for at least a month before using it". After a single week the wound was closed and most of the discomfort was gone. It took about a month until ALL of the pain went away (as in, it no longer hurt when I applied a lot of pressure onto the magnet). I can sense way more than I've been able to before. A couple years ago when I tried a gold implant (which ultimately failed) I could sense fields from my microwave oven and large power supplies. Although with this implant, I'm able to sense some subtle fields from the average power cord (not all of them). This is probably because the gold magnet had failed and was covered in scar tissue. I am very happy with this magnet and have no complaints so far.

A lot of the infomation I used to implant the magnet was sourced from Cody's lab (before his video was removed) and the guide from The Thought Emporium at:


  • Well, a lot of the more active posters took part in the beta-testing. We've definitely discussed it. I'm glad it healed up so fast for you.
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