ePTFE Coated stent

Process to develop a ePTFE covered stent for vascular application.


  • Was this supposed to be a link or something?
  • Hello @cassox will like to discuss regarding various method or process of eptfe covering over a stent or any implantable devices there are process like electro spinning or thin ePTFE annealing etc.

    Also request to the expert @ThomasEgi in Implantable material to give there valuable inputs :)

  • I'm by far not an expert. I just read up on stuff. Given the sparse amount of information on ePTFE it seems to be similar to regular PTFE with different mechanical properties. I found no information about the differences in coating application/processing or other more important stuff like permeability to water or oxygen.

    If you can gather some info i'll read over it and tell you if it's worth to investigate. You need information about (at least)
    -the actual chemical, physical and mechanical properties.(is it just as inert, will it allow water to diffuse through, does it bend or crack, will it offer enough protection to the device you coat it with etc)
    -the exact processes which can be used to apply the coating ( material and equipment used)

    Given it's used for stents we can probably assume it's reasonably bioinert.

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