Access to PVD and Parylene coating equipment

There is a rather advanced lab nearby that allows access to the general public at reasonable hourly rates. It's called the Singh Center for Nanotechnology:

They have a few Lesker physical vapor deposition machines and a Parylene deposition system (among other things). I can bring in materials for the PVD (like Titanium Nitride) as long as the staff vet it first. I would just need to take an orientation training and then a training on each machine I want to use. After that it's at my discretion (pretty much 24/7).

An acquaintance of mine maintains the equipment. I was given a pretty in depth tour (got to see all the back rooms). It was very impressive.

Coatings isn't my biohacking area, I'm focusing more on the implantable tech. That said, I feel it's irresponsible to pass up this opportunity. If someone else is pursuing a project where access to this tech would be beneficial, I'm willing to help. Also, if anyone else is in the Philly area, lmk.

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