Missouri/St Louis Area?

Hey yall, I'm wanting to install the fingertip magnet from Cyberise, and a lot of the piercing/tattoo parlours I've talked to haven't really heard of this sort of thing. Does anyone have any suggestions for places to go here? Thanks!


  • First off, welcome to the forums!

    In answer to your question, while I am not terribly familiar with your area, a lot of body mod artists travel around to do work as a guest in other studios. I know Chase Campbell travels a bit, might be worth seeing if he will be stopping down that way in the future.

    When I had my first implant done, no one in the studio had heard of them before. I just found a piercer who was fascinated, explained the whole concept, answered all his questions about the procedure, and coached him through the actual install. Helps to do your research and know your stuff, as well as finding an artist/piercer who has experience with other "odd" things. For example, mine had previously done some genital beading.

    Best of luck! See you around!

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