would this be a good magnet to implant in to my hand

i was surfing online yesterday for a good magnet to implant and then I found this https://www.kjmagnetics.com/proddetail.asp?prod=D41G-N52 would this work for magnetic implants to be in my body for a long time


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    Hey @Bobtheguy, Welcome!

    You're on the right track, but I do not think that magnet is appropriate. The biohack.me community has come to the conclusion that gold plated magnets are not reliable enough for implantation. Some of the reasons are:

    Gold is not hard enough to withstand impacts and abrasion

    The coating methods used for gold are not 100% consistent, so there will inevitably be microscopic imperfections and pinholes that allow your body to get at the interior.

    Others with more knowledge of the subject can flesh that out for you. Check out some of the posts in "Coatings, transdermals, and other implants" if you're interested.

    You definitely want to stick with a magnet rated N52 (strongest that I know of). The most prevalent coating seems to be Titanium Nitride (TiN). I know Cyberise.me sells sense52 magnets. I cannot personally attest to their quality, but I haven't heard many complaints.
  • I've bought very similar magnets on eBay, would not recommend. It didn't take long to reject even after doing some saline tests and finding a seemingly appropriate magnet.
    This one from Cyberise.me is the one I got earlier this year and has been way more successful than my gold one. The gold one worked at first and picked up magnetic fields for a long time but I suspected it failed after some slight purple discoloration and loss of sensitivity; I took it out only to find a failed magnet and lots of scar tissue.

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