Weightlifting after magnet implants

I understand the need for recovery time after the procedure, but afterwards, does it affect how tight you can grip if done in the ring finger?
I haven't found any info directly addressing this, aside from the location of the magnet being offset from the center of the finger.

My first post on the board so I'll add a little introduction.

I'm a computer engineering graduate around Baltimore; willing to try anything. I recently discovered the biohacking community and found the modifications captivating. Receiving a 6th sense thanks to a magnet in a finger is fascinating, especially coming from an electrical background like myself. While I want this mod done down the road, I'm curious as how it effects the grip of a user for general weightlifting.

Thanks for reading!


  • hi! I've had a magnet implant (side of pad on left index finger) for going on four years now, and seriously took up powerlifting as a hobby about a year and a half ago.

    I concentrate on the three big lifts: deadlift, bench, and squat, and have found that of those, really only the deadlift is negatively affected by my magnet, but typically only when I'm lifting a lot of reps near my limit- like near the end of 4 sets of 11. As I start to get more tired, that finger (which I think I tend to favor) presses further into the bar, which being ferrous, sticks to the magnet and pinches the skin slightly. Since that only seems to happen near the tail end of the aforementioned large sets, it's not much of a problem.

    Some accessory moves are harder with the magnet, too. Lat pulldowns sometimes squeeze it in a similar way as the deadlift. Pushups, oddly, tend to press on it, too. Dumbbell work is sometimes a bit uncomfortable, but it's not bad enough to matter much.

    I have heard that rock climbing is much, much, harder with a finger magnet (enough to be a deterrent), but lifting seems entirely doable.
  • That's great to hear it's not a big issue! I'm still only 8 months into lifting but hope to get into powerlifting eventually. While I do enjoy rock climbing, it's definitely not my favorite hobby and I'm willing to pass on it for magnet superpowers.

    It seems that pulling type workouts will be the only time the magnet is felt, based on your account.

  • I went bouldering at about 6 months after a magnet implant in my right ring finger, outside edge. From what I remember it wasn't too much of an issue. Occasionally it'll get in the way while weightlifting but really only of I'm doing curls. Usually adjusting my grip fixes the issue.

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