Grindfest 05 Rideshare - make new friends on the way to GF

Most of the rideshare conversations are happening on the #grindfest-rides slack channel. But I wanted to put a note here as well. There are various rides to and from Grindfest forming. There's a couple people looking to come down from the Bay Area, some heading up from LAX etc. Please check out the channel or post here and we will try to get everyone transported to and from.

Getting there:

By Air
LAX or Bakersfield are your best bets. You’ll still need a car/ride after that. One option from LAX is to take the Antelope Express to Palmdale and get a ride to Tehachapi from there.

Some people have suggested Las Vegas (LAS) because the drive from there is the same amount of time as Los Angeles thanks to their traffic.

Everyone will still need a ride from the airport/bus stations and so carpooling is active, this thread and the slack channel are where all active ride share conversation is happening.

By Vehicle
It’s out in the middle of nowhere and Google maps doesn’t play nice.

Cyberlass’ Cheat:
Set the GPS to get you to the Save Mart grocery store: 841 Tucker Rd, Tehachapi, CA 93561
Once there, set the GPS for the AugLim Lab 19445 Adalante Court, Tehachapi CA 93561 and it will get you there the sane way.


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