So i am giving panhellenic exams and i have to remember a lot of theory but i am very bad at it. So i want to know how i can improve my memorry?


  • Try building a memory palace, it's an easy way to help you remember things and it works surprisingly well. I would suggest reading "Moonwalking with Einstein" as the author recounts how he first learned about the technique and even went on to compete in memorizing competitions. It's a really good book and worth the read.
  • What do you mean "memory place"?

  • It's a memory palace - when you want to remember something you imagine storing the memory in a detailed virtual space in your head. Then when you want to recall the memory you return to the same virtual space and there it is.

    It takes advantage of how sensory stimuli can trigger memories - like if you have a certain incense burning while studying then burn the incense at a later time you may have an easier time recalling the information you studied. Or, how things read while holding a physical book are more easily recalled than things read on a digital device, because of the specific sensations of turning pages, smelling the book, etc.

    If you've seen the TV show Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch, he makes use of a memory palace to recall precise details. While that's an exaggerated example, it is a real technique.

  • oh i get it now. So i have to find a way to"activate" my memory place so when i need to recall what i learned my brain will return there?

  • There are books that describe how to utilize the memory palace technique, so I'd recommend reading some book reviews and picking a good guide, but that's the gist of it.

  • Do you have any book suggestions?

  • > @VidalTheAbidal said:
    > Do you have any book suggestions?

    Lol, I recommend a book in my original post, "Moonwalking with Einstein" it's a great intro and author tells a story, it's not a straight up "how to" book, which can get boring really quick.
  • Memory or recall?

    A Memory Palace is a very good technique but can be hard for collections of complex material.

    Mind Maps are a good model, especially if you can spice them up with colours, shapes, images, etc. Use them to capture keywords that are associative and connected, so that one recall leads to another. This is how memory works after all. You’re going to have to learn the material, but label it and find a way to recall the labels and so the material. Random facts are hard to keep in mind long term. Make sure the knowledge is connected and congruent set. Don’t forget to revisit the same material some hours after, the next day is good and as recap before you move on.

    When studying consider having some music you always listen to, for example on YouTube look for ‘Chinese Zen Music: Guzheng & Erhu music’. It’s repetitive but the notes are marked so it won’t send you to sleep. If you don't like this music find something that is stimulating but not distracting. Using the same music will be a form of conditioning, it will tell your mind that it’s study time.

    Try eating mints too, they sharpen your attention while studying. Japanese offices pump a light mint smell through the air con to help office workers stay alert. Every 10 minutes get down and do some press ups. Have a coffee, caffeine is the world’s number 1 nootropic and is said to help fix memories if taken before and after the study period. Have a coke - or some honey and water, that's what the ancient Greeks did to help students learn. Your brain uses about 120mg of glucose a day, so keep topped up. It’s keeping your attention active and your neurons stimulated that will help form and retain memories.

    Make sure you get plenty of sleep too and avoid stress. Chronic tiredness will impede your ability to learn and retain the learning. Stress the same thing.


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