Infra Red Vision

So I found an article in Chemistry World, basically scientist created a molecule that injected in to an eye allows to see near IR. What do you think about this mode? Would you be willing to try it?



  • I'm into the effect but extremely not into the procedure that would grant the effect :shudder:

  • I mean, that's some pretty good data there. And it's direct. It's not like they were like, hey we did this thing and so we think that this other thing will happen. They tested it well, too.

    I'd wait a little bit longer for negative side effects to show up.

  • I find it amusing how they made a disclaimer for us eccentrics who see something like this and immediately start wondering how we could replicate it.

    Han also warns ‘biohackers’ who might try the technology themselves to wait until it is approved by regulators like the US Food and Drug Administration. ‘If we use it in human beings we’d want to prove it is safe,’ he says.

  • It sounds like he wants it to happen but doesn't want to be held liable.
  • Yeah, it does actually now that you mention it. That's a very specific disclaimer to make.

  • Anyone here familiar with nanoparticles got any idea as to how feasible this would be to replicate?

  • Chironex and Glims are the only people I know who have been playing with related tech.
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    Ah right, do they still come on here? Haven't seen them around in a while.

    Edit: Nevermind, apparently I'm blind lol

  • @Psyber said:
    Here's the paper for anyone who wants to read it. I gave it a shot but don't understand enough of the terminology unfortunately.

    After reading it I was amazed by a fact that there is no side effects from the particle acting on retina.

  • After reading it I was amazed by a fact that there is no side effects from the particle acting on retina.

    Oh really? So it sounds a bit dodgy then? I guess it's too soon to really tell though regarding the existence of side effects. Would be interesting to see a follow-up on the mice further down the line to see if everything still looks okay and if any side effects have cropped up. Although a study using monkeys would be even better to see.

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