Supplements, pharmaceuticals, and nootropics and my results

I just wanted to give everyone my stack and what's it done for me. Its nootropics and other "well being" supplements (I dont know what else to call them)

Huperzine a
Nitric oxide booster
Testosterone booster

I have struggled with memory and brain fog for quite some time, I learned about nootropics and bio hacking and just recently started taking supplements to help me. I also figured if I'm helping my brain I may as well help the rest of my body also. I noticed a lot of the nootropics also helped with energy and well being so I also figured I would take supplements that supported other positive effects as well.

I have been taking these for about three weeks and when I first started I noticed mild moments of clarity, I remembered something someone said to me a few days ago when before I wouldn't have, my comprehension was getting better, I understood more of an article without having to read it multiple times. Now 3 weeks and I have noticed my comprehension is drastically improved and I dont feel like a slow computer any more. My perception seems to have improved as well.

Also my body seems to have also improved, I feel as though my endurance is drastically improved and my strength is improved as well. This seemed to come all at once, as soon as I started taking the supplements.

Now the negative effects I noticed, when I first started taking the supplements I did sometimes feel a slight tingle through my body and I was gritting my teeth, none of which I did or experienced before taking anything. This has since gone away but something that was concerning to me at first.

If you have any questions I'll answer them, also if you have something to add I'm willing to add to my stack.
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