David Ishee self-testing genetic modification for follistatin hormone

According to Ishee, "This expresses a hormone called follistatin 344, which inhibits many other hormones including myostatin. In adult mice this not only increases their muscle mass it also increases their heart health and longevity."


  • I loved his talk at Defcon in '17. Looking forward to his report on the progress of this experiment. He and Josiah could do a panel about getting swole without lifting.

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    100% interested in this topic of discussion.
  • I read about this research years ago when it first came out (the stuff on mice that is). This is really interesting, but since he isn't using a vector to insert the gene into the cell I don't know that it will be very effective. I mean I'll keep my fingers crossed, but it doesn't seem like a very effective approach unless I'm missing something.

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