Magnet Implant Sizes, Inverse Square Law

So I have one magnet in each finger, save for my thumb, of my left hand. While they work as intended and for that I am happy, the electromagnetic field-sensing range is low. This was expected, don't get me wrong, but I'm interested in any possible mechanism of expanding the field-sensing range. Unfortunately, there's not really any stronger magnets available for implanting. However, there are larger N52 magnets available.

Anyway, I was wondering if this is even feasible. Of course, as magnet size goes up, so does the chances of it rejecting, as well as the chance of a coating failure. These are worthy risks to take in my opinion, especially for self experimentation. Whether or not I look into this is dependent on one main question, and that is if the inverse square law would make it so even a larger magnet still has a small sensing range. if hypothetically I were to implant a magnet twice the size of a normal magnet implant (3mm*1mm), assuming it didn't reject or fail, would the field sensing abilities be significantly greater than a normal sized magnet?



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    My understanding is that a larger magnet reduces the field sensing capabilities. I have a similar magnet (3mm x 1mm N52). I seldom get any use out of sensing a DC source or another magnet because my nerves quickly acclimate to the consistent pull and ignore it. The primary driver behind the sensing capability is the vibrations caused by a varying field.

    If an N52 magnet is more massive, it will vibrate less noticeably than a smaller N52 magnet from the same magnitude field. If you increase the size of your magnets, it's going to pretty linearly decrease the intensity of the vibrations, but only mildly increase the field strength. If you want a lifting magnet then go bigger, because it's the only way to increase the strength of an N52. If you want sensing, pick a small to moderate size.

    That's my interpretation of the physics. If I'm wrong, feel free to correct me.
  • Anecdotal, but I have an m31 (or 3), and also a 3x6mm cylinder in a fingertip, and the larger magnet definitely vibrates more noticably than the smaller ones. I have some theories about why this happens but nothing fully formed.
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