Anyone in CO? Best places to move to?


I've been reading about biohacking/transhumanism on and off for a few years. Recently, I started to get more serious about educating myself, but it's kinda hard to stay motivated when all you have to learn with are articles online and books from the library, -especially- since it seems like libraries don't really enforce the "no speaking" policy. I can't count how many times I've been trying to rap my head around a concept, just to be blanked out because some people plopped down next to me and started chittering about what's on TV/what they're eating/etc.

It would be really nice to start meeting people, even better if I could get access to a lab and have someone start teaching me directly. I'm willing to move if I can secure housing and employment (tho I'd rather just make this my life-focus.) Failing that, pointing me towards better resources for self-teaching would be appreciated.

Sorry if this is poorly written, but there are people next to me practically shouting.

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