Urgent help needed

I am looking for virus dna. I need hsv 2 dna that has been sequenced. And all other viral DNAs. I am using machine learning to isolate gene in hsv virus. Does anyone know where I could find files containing viral dna. Please help if you can.


  • learn how to use BLAST :https://blast.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/Blast.cgi
    and all the other pubmed resources
    like genbank: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/genbank/
    the nucleotide database: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore
    the genome workbench: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/tools/gbench/
    and finally just get better at googling : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC109494/

  • I'm working with HSV right now. What are you doing?

  • Currently, I am trying to isolate all the genes. To figure a way to sterilize the virus. I want to make sure not to generate any toxicity in the cell. So I am using machine learning to try and identify all gene need for viral reproduction.

    But I must say I am bit Rusty on these things since I am electronic/software engineer. So currently I have been studying microbiology and virology. I have decent understanding of the problems with hsv. Now I am just try to equip my self with tools to deal with this infestation. I currently fabricating a centerfuge and flow hood, but it seems the more complicated stuff like PCR equipment I will buy.
  • May I ask what are your approaches. I assuming your suffering from hsv also. So you seek a cure also.
  • Thank you for the assistance. @Zwytechhacker
  • I forgot to mention I am currently working with a few pharmaceutical professionals, and Sr medical students within Canada.
  • Ima just say that if you're at the "building a centrifuge" stage, you're about 5 years from doing anything. If you're not spending 50 bucks on a fuge, you're not even close to the 50k+ it'll take you to actually do anything with a virus safely AND have it work.

    Basically, there's 1 surface protein that masks it from the immune system. Break that and it becomes a glowing target and also can't enter cells. So if you introduce some live virus deficient in that gene, but grown in culture with the functional protein, you get basically 1 shot viruses. The first wave enter cells and make a ton of proteins, the immune system learns how to chew on it, but the virus can't spread once it escapes those first cells. Next time a normal HSV prticle shows up it gets eaten and that's the end of it.

    Least that's the theory.

    Also there's totally already a vaccine you can buy. Apparently the efficacy is a bit iffy because it's deactivated virus and not as good as the thing glims is tinkering with, but had some efficacy for some patients. May be worth a shot. https://rupharma.com/vitagerpavac/

  • Yeah, mammalian work is easy but expensive. I'm not suffering from anything except a lack of sleep at the moment. I just kinda started working on this for a friend and it became a thing.

    Chironex outlined it very well. He was there when we put together the lab.

    As he mentioned, the thing you are attacking from a software side, has already been extensively researched and documented.

    Also, to do mammalian cell work you need a bs2 grade vertical laminar flow hood with at 99.99% efficiency hepa filter. Cell lines require liquid nitrogen for storage and you need gas tanks on site to keep them alive. None of those things are build it yourself.

    I have a pcr machine but honestly, i haven't used it in this project and I'm about a year in. Viral contamination with hsv is extremely obvious in vitro and samples are send to a second party lab for confirmation.
  • A liquid nitrogen generator is fairly easy to make for under 800, I built one when I was 18. As for storing it you can get a dewar you can get a 35l for less than 200 from the hwbot.org forums if you are willing to do some waiting and driving. As for other stuff thst is out of my area of expertise but I am sure as the community grows it will become more accessible in the coming years.

  • For sure. I'm not saying it's not doable. Just that the hurdle is a bit high atm
  • Which gene editing techniques are you currently employing? Don't worry about do ability, I quite obsessed with getting stuff done. Plus worse case I will have self a nitrogen generator.
  • @freedom_here it can take lots of time to do it properly if you are on a budget i did mine for under 600 but that took months of waiting on ebay and cl deals. You have to make sure your drying step and filter system is almost 100% or else you will get liquid o2 which is very bad. My first time around I got some and didn't notice until I light my torch and had a very startling experience, there was almost no liquid oxygen and it still was a bad time. You have to be careful and do it properly if not then I would suggest just buying it. I only pay 1$ per liter for my 50l dewar to be filed and I have heard of people getting it for as little as 50 cents.

  • For nitrogen I will go with buy options most likely. I look around my area, I already found a provider for cas12a and spcas9
  • I worried that cas12a will be blocked by inhibiters
  • Is there any cheap place to sequence dna for a virus, and my own dna.
  • I feel like we've gotten a bit off topic. Given the new information, could you redefine and reoutline your plan?

  • I plan on using DNA sequencing, and computer models, as well restrictive enzymes. I been considering getting a nano spore minion to observe crispr treatments results. But based on what you guys have said i will buy a bit more of my technology. I will continue to follow current gene editing techniques, but i believe crispr are the answer to find a cure for herpes.

    Overall, For the next month I will be looking through human reference genome, and HSV 1 genome. I will be also doing more research into the minion nano spore technology. I will try to get a lab set up for next month as well. I will say this I will focus on find a cure for herpes, even if i have cut out all 77 proteins. So thank you for your help guys.

  • How is your progress going with the virus? Is there somewhere i can follow your research and progress.

    Also what vector are you considering to deliver the treatment to the infected cells?

    Sorry, for the many questions. I would also like to apologize for the long delay, in regards to my answers.

  • Ok so this thread has gotten beyond tiring at this point. We literally just outlined how the virus is treated, and thus far you've just chosen to ignore the actual experts and continue responding with essentilly random biology buzzwords while you're clearly not internalizing any of the advice people have given or info posted in this thread. If you'd like to follow the project head to scihouse.space, but it's biology, it's extremely slow, so constantly asking for updates is pointless. when there is progress, a post will be made. I'm closing this thread.

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