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Hi, I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a group buy of 3x1 mm TiN and parylene double coated magnets from SMM. I am talking to them right now and waiting on a quote, would anyone be interested? Also, if anyone has experience with this company feel free to share thoughts- I know they generally are not the best but the double coat should do the trick. Thanks


  • I would be interested in getting a few. Is the TiN the inner or outer layer?
  • I believe inner would be the best, but correct me if otherwise it has been a while since I researched this topic heavily. I also emailed about 5 other companies and will update this with the cost comparisons when I hear back. So far SMM has a minimum order of 250 magnets for$650, but I will make up a sheet when I hear back from the rest of them.

  • Well.. SMM doesnt have a great track record.. the parylene coated magnets all fail.. the TiN coated nearly all fail (I read something the other day where someone said theirs hasn't yet. Give it time.) One bad coating over another doesnt really sell me
  • I am going to maybe try to electroplate a layer of gold to add a third layer. And if that still doesn't work I may try to airbrush FDA epoxy

  • Im not sure how well electroplating over TiN or parylene will work out. Write up a post about it if you do.
  • If this group buy happens I will definitely do a write up on my findings and if it goes well I will implant it in about 8 months.

  • Ok @dr4gon. Of all the companies that I emailed, SMM is the only one that can do both TiN and Parylene-c. Some of them said they could do gold instead. Also, the other issue is there are only two of us and I was looking to not spend over $200. We can wait for more people. In the meantime, do you want me to check prices for the gold/parylene combo?

  • gold and parylene sounds like another viable option to do testing on. I am looking for magnets to test my fda epoxy airbrushing on. I have been able to coat coins and a 3x1 mm magnet but I want a multi layer coating to try it with.4

  • @Cassox I’m guessing the thing you read was me. I guess I got lucky or my body is pretty resilient to nickel. I don’t like relying on luck so I do what I can to minimize the stress the finger has to endure (I work in retail, so I do heavy lifting with gloves, as well as working out.)
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