Numbing Agent

Has anyone tried using something like Lidocaine or another numbing agent as a means of numbing an implant area before insertion? I have some leftover from a previous operation, and it worked great.



  • Yep! Some people choose not to, but personally, I am a wimp with pain and have leaned towards it. I didn't need it for rfid because that's just a big needle, but It really helps focus when you can cut without feeling it.
  • i used lido when i implanted my magnet, worked like a charm. i think its a pretty much a must if you are implanting yourself.
    but when you say "left over" i hope you mean an unused ampule still sealed...

  • Interestingly enough, lidocaine can be autoclaved. I don't like the idea myself but it isn't inactivated and this is performed in many countries with a lack of availability. Keep in mind autoclaving fluids is different from tools. You have to get the entire bottle to the correct pressure and temp. Also, the bottle can't be entirely closed or it becomes a grenade.
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