magnet implant placement

Hi this is going to sound somewhat extreme but i plan on implanting magnets in all ten of my fingers and was wondering about placement ive seen that people generally implant thru an incision on the side of the finger i am planning to implant mine by making the incision from the front of the finger so that the magnet will sit at around a 45 degree angle at about 4mm to 5mm back from my finger tip i was wondering what advice or alternate incision points and any after care advice would be greatly appreciated ill try to include an image of where the incision will be if my description wasn't enough


  • the first image is where the incision will roughly be and the second is around where and how i want the magnet to sit

  • i did my first implant a week ago, in my pinky. i can offer my 2 cents:

    first, even if you plan on 10 magnet fingers, do it 1 at a time and take your time with it...
    you wont be able to function properly with 10 bandaged fingers ( or performing the procedure yourself lol)

    secondly, you might find the actual magnet sense underwhelming. see how 1 feels before committing to 10.

    third, having a tender wound in the tip of your finger does effect your day to day activity. several times i grabbed something without thinking and it wasnt pleasant (basic stuff... like, i grabbed a book and turns out it pushes on your pinky. )
    so even if you take a month for each finger, thats still almost a year long process of discomfort.

    lastly, the placement. from what i got from reading about magnet implants, the reason people dont implant the magnet right at the tip of the finger is cause you touch and grab stuff using that part, and having a small metallic bead under your skin makes it uncomfortable and might even be dangerous if you automatically grab something and squeeze and crush your magnet.
    personally speaking, having the cut right at the tip of my finger would really interfere with my life. the tip of my finger is used alot (touching, typing, driving, grabbing stuff) and agitating such a deep cut can cause issues with the healing process.

  • Why do you want/need one in every finger? If you are trying to lift stuff maybe consider one on the palm and if you want to get more sensation adding more magnets doesn't help all that much.

  • i want to be able to fully feel a magnetic field like each one of my fingers can feel it and i can get an even better idea and feel of the shape of one and also because no one else at least that ive seen has done it and i would like to experience what its like to have an almost whole hand experience

  • There is a reason people haven't done it. It isn't a linear increase after a certain point you probably won't see any increase in feeling. Another issue is time and money. If you were to get 10 Sense52 magnets that would be over a grand after taxes, if you are using lido(you should be) that is 40$ a pop from dangerous things so 400$ if you are doing one magnet at a time and if you are doing two at a time which I would not suggest because then you are down two fingers at once. Since you are going to be doing the procedure a lot you probably will not be getting single use scalpels so only 20$ there. Then we have everything else you need for the procedure: bleach, clorhex, tourniquet, closure tools, and aftercare probably total 40$ all together for 10 magnets. Even if you can work out a bulk discount with alex or whoever your supplier is going to be well over 1000$ and possibly having to take time off of work 10 times which adds up.

  • besides, wont the magnets feel each other most of the time?

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    The cut you're proposing is called a fish mouth cut and it will fail to close properly 99 percent of time. You'll lose the magnet and up with a scar to boot.
  • how would you prepose i make an incision to get it to at least the center of my finger with the highest chance of it healing properly

  • A lateral incision, parallel to the length of finger. Not over a joint or near the tip. You can dissect a pocket all the way to wherever you want the magnet placed. If you have really large finger and are worried about being able to make a drop enough pocket, look for a bard parker 15c scalpel blade. They're perfect for that kind of work.
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