Shifting the Human Visual Spectrum into NIR - The Sequel

TL/DR Warning. I'll try to keep this brief and to the point as to save you all walls of text.

I plan to replicate the Vitamin A2 supplementation method as laid out by the team of you from SftM almost verbatim - custom food replacement, retinolic acid usage, and eventually Vitamin A2.

This is the beginning of the real idea. To push the change as far as it can go in an attempt to see a color beyond red. It's my understanding that while successful, the NIR experiment just barely nudged the visible spectrum over. I would therefore like to enhance the resultant visual change from that point onward.

So, after A2 supplementation is complete and I can confirm the shift has taken place, I then plan to use a systemic approach to maximize vision in the NIR range. This will also borrow from SftM's night vision drop idea however the Ce6 solution will be used to dope gold nanorods tuned to about 830nm. After a two hour wait, if the increase is still insufficient I've considered a battery of next steps to include pupil dilation (not ideal due to loss of focus), THC (legal in my state for the law hounds) and also am looking more into very recent work done on retinal neurons which increase the "bandwidth" between the ocular structure and the brain, effectively increasing the signal you receive at the consciousness level. More on that here:

Needless to say it won't be cheap but I've already got costs covered. While some in my circle here where I live have suggested the Ce6-AuNR drops could be hazardous in the wrong lighting, I've also observed that the "original recipe" Ce6 drops are accounted for by the eye in that when Ce6 makes the world brighter, the pupil compensates by restricting more than it would otherwise. While this makes it safer to use, it can also cause failure by constricting more than usual which would also restrict the NIR range.

This could be countered by dilating the eyes, but the question then arises: what's the line between being able to actually see a color beyond red and damage to the eyes? Clearly NIR will have to be - for me - quite intense otherwise it won't appear as a new color as evident by the SftM work.

So, this topic exists for ANY input by members here who took part in said experiments or who have otherwise shown interest and studied the idea in private.

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