superglue aftercare question

so after lurking for awhile and reading quite a lot about the procedure, i implanted myself with a sense52 magnet.
the whole procedure went pretty smoothly, the PMK worked like a charm and its been 2 days since the implant.

Now, i closed the cut using super glue (medical Cyanoacrylate glue was too hard to find) and it seemed to do the trick.
the thing is, there's still a layer of glue over the cut and i've been wondering how long it should take before trying to peel it off. (its probly best to let it fall off alone buuut you know... that urge to peel off stuff?)


  • If you feel the need to remove it, petroleum jelly works well breaking the adhesion. I don't use or advise super glue. First of, dermabond is a different formulation.. 2-octyl cyanoacrylate. It's much stronger. Some say about the 4 times as strong and it supposedly far less toxic. Despite being stronger, its rated for wounds which can be closed by a number 5 suture.. that's a small size. It's the smallest I ever use. For fingers I use a 3 or 4.
    Because you're creating a pocket, you really don't want an air tight cap over it..the likelyhood of infection is much higher. That said.. lots of people have had success.
  • well, yesterday i got fed up with the little piece of crystallized glue over the cut, it was loose enough that i had to pay special attention not to snag it accidentally and pull the cut open.

    boiled some water added soap, and when it was cool enough, soaked my finger for a couple of minutes. the piece of glue came off, and the cut underneath it seemed like it was healing really nicely.

    too bad my firm is right in the middle of a move... carrying boxes /organizing stuff and cleaning my new desk was quite a hassle. but nonetheless, superglue did the trick for me really really nicely.

  • Figured i'd do a 1 year update.

    Everything is great... The scar is practically non existent.
    The magent power is still the same.

    I do think i put it in just a little too deep, i was never able to pick up a lot of stuff with it, maybe like needles and really light stuff.

    The sensing didnt change much either, its super easy to feel transformers. I do feel metal spoons and forks...
    Sometimes i think i can feel live wires if they are feeding a heavy consumer.

    My favorite trick is letting people feel the magnet vibrations. When you place your finger near a transformer, the magnet vibration is strong enough that if another person touches you magnet finger, he feels the vibration as well (and usually freaks out)
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