How do you cut

I am a little confused on if you cut up or downwards during a magnet implant.or do you cut straight. Thanks for the help


  • Well, i did mine 2 days ago, my 2 cents on the this is:

    I did it to myself, and for me a straight cut was more comfortable while trying to avoid vains and such.
    If you are like me, and have no prior experience cutting human flesh with a scalpel, turns out, not too easy...

    So i marked the place i wanna cut, marked the blade so i wouldnt go too deep, and found a position where my cutting hand was anchored to the table for stabe preassure, and proceeded with the cut.
    I think it was pretty straigh
  • Thank you for the help, hope your magnet takes
  • When discussing direction regarding procedures, we use specific directional terms based on a person being in SAP - standard anatomical position. Take a look here:

    By using the right directional terms.. its much easier to discuss these things. Can you ask your question again using these descriptors?
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